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Estele NZ is here 

21 February 2023


In many countries women suffer more than men. India is one of those countries. Estelle Jewellery has chosen to support women by only employing women, paying them a fair wage, and helping them to provide for their families. Estelle produces beautiful handcrafted ethical jewellery that is not only quality but has a reasonably price point and now Estelle is available in NZ. They are a women centric brand that believes in the vision of a product. They produce beautiful handcrafted, ethically made jewellery.

To be manufactured by women and sold by women, to women is awesome. They have over 30 years in business and are now operating in 10 countries.

New Zealand women have an attitude to support women so Estelle NZ is thrilled to be part of that culture and already their brand has taken off. Each time a woman stands up for herself she stands up for all women. Women are the full circle and Estelle NZ wants to help them feel beautiful and strengthen the bond amongst all women.