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Xmas Love

- 5 December 2022 - 


Xmas Love

We know Xmas is a time of joy and celebration but for others is a time of sadness and stress.

It is sad but true that some people can’t afford to put petrol in their cars, they are worried about how to feed their children and how to pay their rent.

Here are our 12 acts of kindness for you to complete this Xmas

1 Be understanding and patient when shopping.

2 Pass on gifts to those who need them.

3 Cook someone with a big family a delicious takeaway meal and drop it to them.

4 Check on your neighbour, especially older people.

5 Give toys to the children’s hospital.

6 Donate pet supplies to your local shelter – pets suffer also at Xmas time

7 Pay for someone’s groceries at check out – pay it forward always.

8 Don’t be a stressy driver tooting and hooting, be calm and considerate.

9 Drop a box of presents to a poor house hold, leaving it on their doorstep for them to find

10 Give old clothes to St Johns – they reach people that need them

11 Buy a coffee for your local homeless person

12 Wrap an extra present for your staff.